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Halcyon Oratory School

Oratory Pages

The Halcyon Oratory School is a two-year immersion program in spiritual studies. Participants will:

  • Study living streams of spirituality from around the globe with an open heart and mind.

  • Explore varieties and dimensions of mystical experience.

  • Clarify their understanding of the perennial wisdom at the heart of the world’s religions. 

  • Ignite their spiritual goals, values, and callings

​The Program



  • A core curriculum designed to be completed in two years (see modules and reflections below).

  • Two exploratory groups on spiritual topics.

  • Two in-person spiritual retreats.

  • Extracurricular guest presentations.

  • Monthly spiritual direction sessions.

The Four Modules of the Core Curriculum
Modules are offered each fall and spring semester. They are not sequential and can be completed in any order.

  • The Two Streams of Western Spirituality 

  • Wellsprings of the East

  • Mystics, Mystical Theologies, Perennial Wisdom

  • Spiritual Practices and Mystical Experiences

The Reflection: Each module is completed when a Reflection, in a medium of the participant's choice, is submitted, accepted, and evaluated by faculty. This Reflection may be written (narrative or essay), drawn or painted, recorded in video or audio, or some other product or project that reflects how the participant has grappled with each module’s subject matter. Reflections are graded as pass or fail.

​The Faculty

Beau 2.jpg

Founding Director, Faculty

Robert Bowler or "Beau"

Beau founded Halcyon Arts in 2020 to continue doing what he loves, presenting cultural and educational programs in world music and spirituality. He managed Stone Church Arts, a concert series focusing  on world music inspired by cellist Eugene Friesen, from 2006 - 2020. He was also the Director of Stone Church Center, a retreat and conference center in Bellows Falls, Vermont. ​He majored in Religious Studies at Reed College with a focus on the western mystical tradition. He earned an M.Div. degree from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California (after a year at Oxford University studying Theology) and is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. 


Spiritual Director

Heath Missner

Heath serves the Institute as our Spiritual Director. She is a Commissioned Presenter of Centering Prayer and recently retired from serving as Deacon at Christ Episcopal Church in Winnetka, Illinois. She is an Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, which has the intention to bring contemplative practice to The Episcopal Church. Heath also is a member of the Ceile De, a Celtic Christian contemplative tradition based in Scotland. She is the mother of five, and she loves yoga and being outdoors in the beauty and rhythms of the natural world.

 Deadlines and Costs

Deadlines are August 1 (for September start) and January 1 (for February start).

Costs: Tuition cost per semester is $525 and includes one module, monthly spiritual direction sessions, and any guest presentations. Groups and retreats are in addition and paid for separately. Total annual cost (two semesters, a group, and a retreat) is about $1,625.

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