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The Schattner Library

The Schattner Library is devoted to spirituality
in its many forms from around the world. ​

The Library Has a New Home: Beginning April 1, 2022 we are slowly moving a portion of the library into The Upper Room, 8 Church St., Greenfield, MA. We are now sharing the lease of this room -- a space dedicated to prayer and meditation -- with The Upper Room, Greenfield, which has been dedicated to the contemplative life for over six years now.  

The Story of the Library


The Schattner Library is in the process of being transferred to the Upper Room, Greenfield, MA where the collection will be housed for the foreseeable future.

In the fall 2006, a woman named Barbara Saucer who lived in Weston, Vermont, learned that Robert Bowler (Beau) was teaching a  course on the Christian mystics at the stone church in Bellows Falls, Vermont. She phoned saying she had a library of books, mostly on the western mystical tradition, collected from convents, monasteries and bookstores by a wonderful, spiritual man, who traveled the world. "The library needs a good home. Would you be interested?" she asked. 


​Beau agreed to provide a good home for the library. Borrowing a trailer and still needing two trips over to Weston, the books were moved to Immanuel Episcopal Church in Bellows Falls the following summer. They lived in the church library for many years and then were housed in Stone Church Center, a retreat and conference center on the same campus, for five more years. 


Robert Schattner passed on in 2011. He wished that the library be maintained so people can derive value from it. Beau is committed to doing just that and is working to preserve this legacy as part of the Hacyon Spiritual Institute. The Schattner Library includes many old, rare, and out of print books. Beau has been cataloging the collection and has begun the work of conserving some of the older books.

Robert Lee Schattner, A Memorial

"On April 19th, 2011, after a brief illness, Robert achieved the higher state of awareness and closeness to God he had always sought. During his time on earth Robert inspired many. Being with Robert opened your soul to all the possibilities of Spirit and Wonder.  Robert traveled extensively and was a welcome visitor at many convents and monasteries in Europe. Robert liked best to be where the great lovers of God had lived and where their presence is still felt. His many friends were all kindred travelers on the Path to God, and when we would meet Robert it strengthened us on our journey.  Robert wasn't limited to one religion. He resonated with each faith from that common mystical center of each, where God resides.  This great soul has passed, but he is not beyond our grasp. In meditation and prayer we can find Robert at that place that is closer to God."

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