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Small Groups

Our online groups meet on Zoom to explore world spirituality. During the sessions, we  discuss what we have read between meetings. Since we meet online, people may join from all over the world. However, please note that the groups are limited to English readers and speakers. Sessions are facilitated by Robert Bowler, open to new members, and registration is by donation on a sliding scale. Halcyon members may join groups for free when you are signed into your account. 

New Groups Starting Soon
Join Us. Groups are limited to 12 participants.

What are participants saying?


One of the bonuses for me, is the diversity of opinions
and the ability to discuss different opinions openly.

—Margaret, Participant in Silent Fire

It is a breath of fresh air that we are not learning doctrine,
but rather the ideas and meanings behind spiritual traditions
that spark imagination and growth.

—Participant in Spiritual Texts


I have participated in the last two sessions of Spiritual Journeys.
I have gotten more out of the readings and discussions than I ever expected.
I felt welcomed and supported and enjoyed hearing others' experiences and perspectives.
And I felt comfortable asking questions and offering my own thoughts.  
5 stars, and will likely participate again.

—Maggie, Participant in Spiritual Journeys 


Spiritual journeys readers respectfully engage with a wonderful spectrum of skillfully selected, diverse stories and literature. Attentive facilitation of responses of each participant to each story creates a sense of respectful connection in which all readers are invited to explore and open to their own unique expressions of inquiry, curiosity, and wonder. Studies of spiritual texts, spiritual practices, and mysticism facilitated via Socratic method invites participants to question and engage in deep, critical reflection of ancient spiritual writing and spiritual practices. Delightfully refreshing and expansive online sessions.

—Bonnie, Participant in Spiritual Journeys, Silent Fire, and Spiritual Texts

Current & Past Groups.

  • Western Roots
    Membership Offer
    Mon, Feb 13
    Eight monthly sessions online via Zoom
    Feb 13, 7:30 PM
    Eight monthly sessions online via Zoom
    Explore the origins of the Christian spiritual tradition
  • Spiritual Journeys
    Membership Offer
    Sun, Jan 15
    Eight monthly sessions online via Zoom
    Jan 15, 7:00 PM
    Eight monthly sessions online via Zoom
    Stories of wonder and transformation.
  • Sacred Earth
    Membership Offer
    Sun, Jan 08
    Nine sessions online via Zoom
    Jan 08, 7:00 PM
    Nine sessions online via Zoom
    Exploring Celtic Spirituality
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