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Spiritual Practices

Teachers share their contemplative practices in online sessions.

At the heart of spiritual traditions around the world are practical methods of personal transformation. There are a multitude of methods, disciplines, exercises in the various religious traditions (or not tied to any religious tradition), that seek to overcome obstacles (such as physical restlessness or mental agitation) to uncover deeper levels of awareness. These practices may have more immediate benefits, such as increased concentration and greater compassion. Advanced practitioners may aspire to achieve alternative forms of consciousness such as salvation, liberation, enlightenment, or union with God.

The online sessions offer participants resources for deepening understanding and enriching personal practice by presenting teachers of many paths.

We do not need to travel to exotic, far off lands and climb mountains that touch the sky seeking teachers to reveal who we really are. Instead, they can come to us, without needing to leave the comfort of our homes.

Join us for a session with a teacher.

  • Prayer of Recollection with Carl McColman
    Membership Offer
    Feb 20, 7:30 PM
    Online via Zoom
    Carl McColman a spiritual director, retreat leader, and internationally known speaker and teacher on mystical spirituality and contemplative living.
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